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Cibernetic FB SCAM – How to avoid cibernetic scam

How to avoid FB Scam?

Have you seen this kind of message lately? This is a SCAM on FB

Facebook scam

If you have seen this message please do not act right away and consider controlling following aspects:

Where is the message coming from? – Do not take in consideration the image that is showing on the message. Any FB account can contain this image. In this case, if you go to the account link you will see the following information:

Facebook scamDo you really think that FB- admins will make a facebook page to warn you? NO- This is the first information that you can see that this message is a scam.

Second thing that you can do is to go to the link that they are showing you to go to and control a few things from there.

Facebook scamYou can see that the link that you are taken is not secure, the link is not on facebook.com domain and “facebook” will ask you to login again.


All of this are tips that the message is a SCAM and please do not act right away without to control the elements or contact an expert to see what you have to do.

Have fun, your IT expert form ITPrenori.ro