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Top 6 Tips to avoiding infection with the ransomware virus

How to avoid ransomware Virus attack ???

Lately we see more and more people having problem with the virus attack and we as expert can give you some short tips and trick how to avoid this kind of attacks.

The first thing that you need to do and to control is the way that a virus can come into your network.
The simple and the most use way is throw email, in that the virus is send with a message like:
HEII!! You have won xxx amount of money.
Please activate your acount on the link xxxx.xxx.com/khnaskh??ms (for example)

And if you are a person that will take this email as it is and do not check a couple of easy things before, you will be a victim.


Or, you will revive a message from FB admins like in our Cybernetic SCAM article from last week.

What can you do when you will receive this email:

1 – Check the link that is written on the email
as you can see, the link “http://wildcats77.net/click.php?k=12&c=4&e=4&l=2331” is not a link that you can make money on it and to be honest, do you relay think that somebody will give you money without knowing you?
If you want to be sure about the links and the connections then please activate only https:// web sites when you receive this kind of emails.
https:// – hypertext transfer protocol SECURE

2 – Check the from field
When you will see on the from field that the sender is, for example, mail@wildcats77.net, what will you think the email is for?

But what can you do if yo are a small company and you can not check each and every one of your emails?

Each of us has a problem with viruses that can affect our virtual life.
What do we do in this case and how do we defend ourselves against a ransomware virus?

Here are some tips on this.

Backup everything

Create a backup hard drive and use this hard drive to back up what’s important on your computer system

Don’t use Windows XP

It’s a little hard to believe, but operating systems that no longer have guaranteed manufacturer support can be a risky for you. It’s important to consider switching to a reliable operating system.

Buy a hard drive and back up your regular data.

In rensomware case hits you overnight, you will have at least the data from the last backup that you can use and you will not have much to lose. Destruction of important data, such as customer lists, patient data or other important genetic data will become safe for use.

Consider making your data backup

If you do not have a backup button that you can access from the keyboard, then you should use a software system for this. A backup is always welcome and permanently necessary. It gives you the possibility to return to the previous version or to the last saved version.

Do you work in technical support? Try Backup !!

Are you afraid that your business data will be encrypted by malware? Are you afraid that a particular or random user will get you to download a malware and put it into your system? The simplest solution is to make a backup plan and show how it is used, and beyond that you can learn how to apply it when something happens.

SERIOUS !!!! Back up your data!

I know that I have repeated, but almost all ransomware viruses can be avoided. I know it’s a little more complicated than attaching a hard disk to your computer, but you have a bigger data security if you use this security model. HDD is no longer so “gone” and backup programs are becoming easier to use.

Think well before saying: “Let me not lose that!” For who knows, maybe at this time a virus is downloading to your system.